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Founded in 1988 as a natural extension of the commerce business, Wine Enthusiast Media has evolved from a monthly print magazine into an acclaimed, multifaceted media brand offering of-the-moment content in the print and digital publishing space. With a combined readership of over 4.1 million, it is the most influential voice in wine and drinks journalism today, offering perspectives, stories and insights found nowhere else in the wine and drinks media realm. Tapping our global network of editors, writers and tasters for an accessible but expert view on the world of wine and beyond, it is the comprehensive source for curious readers with an affinity for drinks culture, global travel, modern food and dining and approachable wine education.

Wine Enthusiast Media’s fast-growing and varied consumer and trade touchpoints include 10 annual glossy magazine editions, a thriving website (Winemag.com), a popular biweekly podcast, a wine review buying guide featuring over 25,000 exclusive tasting notes a year, and a robust virtual and in-person event series.

Our editorial ethos embraces wine and drinks lovers of all levels, with a focus on:

· Lifestyle through the beverage lens. We reflect the wide world of the wine, spirits and beer lover, which goes far beyond the bottle.
· Education that’s entertaining. We invite audiences into the rich learning adventure that is wine, spirits and beer without intimidating or boring them.
· Recognizing responsibility. We embrace our ability to not only lead conversations, help launch careers and influence customer spending, but also change the dynamics of the industry as
regards social change and our support of worthy causes like inclusivity in the drinks business, sustainable viticulture, wellness and vineyard workers’ rights.
· Real-life context. We empower our readers with practical advice on how to incorporate alcohol beverages and adjacent interests into their daily lives.
· People as a priority. We connect our audience to wine, spirits and beer through the interesting people behind them.
· Celebrating discovery. We actively pursue untold stories, with the courage and confidence to focus on topics before they are mainstream in our industry.
· Establishing wine media as a world-class source of information and design inspiration. We recognize that wine and drinks culture and the adjacent industry deserves to be presented, discussed and positioned with the modern design, world-class reporting and creative audience outreach that typifies the best in mainstream media.

With wine consumption in the U.S. at an all-time high, more people than ever are turning to the Wine Enthusiast when they want to shop quality accessories, custom wine racking, wine storage products, information, wine tours, wine events—in short . . . everything wine.

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WineEnthusiastCompaniesCompany History

The story of Wine Enthusiast Companies is the story of a family and a passion. In 1979, Adam and Sybil Strum were newlyweds just starting out in the suburbs of New York City. Adam was following in his father´s footsteps as a wine salesman, Sybil was working in TV. They had a love of wine right from the start. Enjoying it with dinner at first, then wanting to journey further into the lifestyle. When they started searching for just the right accessories, glasses, corkscrews, storage solutions – they discovered that the best were available only to professionals, impossible for the general public to find. Thus were the Wine Enthusiast Companies born.

With entrepreneurial vision, Adam and Sybil started a little catalog called Wine Enthusiast in the attic of their home. The idea was to source and deliver to everyone the finest accoutrements of the wine lifestyle. The first year, they received 100 orders from their mail order catalog which was quite a coup considering that most of the wine sold at the time was still in a jug! Nearly 35 years later, that little business has grown into the world–recognized destination for all things wine and their daughters, Jacqueline and Erika, are carrying on the family tradition, both in business and in passion.

The concept of making the wine lifestyle, and everything it represents, accessible to everyone is what the company is all about. The Strums have brought wine into the everyday, leaving exclusivity and intimidation in the dust. They created a company that is all about connecting with wine lovers, budding and connoisseur alike. Their philosophy: to provide everything needed to enjoy wine to the fullest. And they love sharing what they know with you. The products are designed by and for people who love wine. The headquarters in Valhalla, NY is staffed with experts to whom wine is more than a job. It´s a passion. Consultants are on call 24/7 to discuss options, solutions and information on everything wine. The iconic ‘Winston’, their symbol, represents the ever-curious wine lover whose trust is respected in everything they do.

Wine Enthusiast Companies today is a world-renowned multichannel marketer, with exclusive products that cannot be found anywhere else. Keeping pace with America´s ever-growing enchantment with wine, the company has become the ultimate source of innovation and information. Born of a passion, the Wine Enthusiast Companies exemplify not only an unwavering commitment to quality but a truly extraordinary way of life.