About Marlborough

Known throughout the wine world for its production of Sauvignon Blanc, the Marlborough Wine Region is the most prolific of all wine producing areas in New Zealand. It is located in the northeast corner of the South Island and accounts for over 60% of the country鈥檚 grape production. Here, the soils are generally composed of sandy, alluvial loam and gravel, which provide excellent drainage and helps to limit Sauvignon Blanc鈥檚 vine vigor. The particular mix of soils combined with the daytime sun and significantly cooler nights create Sauvignon Blanc with intense acidity, vivid citrus and tropical fruit as well as a distinct herbaceous quality. Pinot Noir is also a popular variety in Marlborough, producing lighter-styled wines with bright cherry, raspberry and mineral notes. For a detailed list of all the top rated and best buy selections be sure to take a look at our Marlborough Wine Guide.

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