Our reviewers went on a hunt for discoveries this year and were not disappointed. Out of 21,000 blind-tasted wines reviewed and scored, thousands of bottles were outside the mainstream of wine retail offerings鈥攁nd a good portion of those received high scores.

The Enthusiast 100 puts the best of those discoveries front and center, calling out a savory, brambly Australian Pinot Noir from Giant Steps as the No. 1 wine of the year and a Barolo with scents of pressed roses and pine forest from G. B. Burlotto as No. 2.

Wines with high scores and lower prices got special attention, because affordability is an exciting proposition for everyone and can mean wider access. Look for 22 wines at $25 and under, including a racy Spanish Albari帽o from Rias Baixas and a bone-dry, violet-scented Italian Lambrusco.

These 100 offerings were the most exciting wines of 2022, selected because they were compelling and delicious, had outstanding quality-to-price ratios and are broadly available for purchase.

The products of 17 different countries from around the world are included here, from Austria to Canada, Lebanon to South Africa. But we veered away from California Cabernet, Bordeaux and Burgundy in order to include more diverse offerings of often overlooked varieties鈥攍ike Nebbiolo, Riesling, Tempranillo, Gr眉ner Veltliner and Vidal Blanc鈥攆rom often overlooked regions.

We hope The Enthusiast 100 lures you out of your comfort zone and into the unknown鈥攖hat you open yourself to new varieties, styles and appellations and gain a better appreciation for wine鈥檚 delightful diversity.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of our Enthusiast 100 of 2022.